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Greenhouse growers have lots of things to contend with. And that isn’t about to change any time soon, with compulsory water treatment, Next Generation Growing, the energy transition and ever stricter rules on the use of crop protection products and fertilisers to think about. As an innovative, forward-looking developer and manufacturer of high-quality equipment for greenhouse horticulture and industry, Van Dijk heating is the ideal partner for growers committed to quality and a healthy future.

Van Dijk heating specialises in increasing the return for growers in the greenhouse horticulture industry. Research has shown that growers can save a great deal of energy and therefore money too by installing equipment that optimises the greenhouse climate. What’s more, improving the greenhouse climate leads to a stronger, more resilient crop – and, in turn, a lower risk of disease and higher yields.

Van Dijk heating makes this happen with equipment designed and built in-house, supported by a team of specialist advisers and cultivation supervisors – the result of more than 40 years of specialisation and practical experience in the national and international greenhouse horticulture industry, with the emphasis firmly on service and quality.

News and activities

News and activities

Leading light in the industry

Van Dijk heating combines in-depth technical expertise with outstanding service – creating the best foundation for optimal results.

Operating worldwide


Dutch greenhouse horticulture leads the world. Greenhouse builders, seed breeders and growers from the Netherlands operate in greenhouse horticulture areas on various continents. And Van Dijk heating is at the forefront of this globalisation trend, since saving energy, crop optimisation and improving the greenhouse climate are essential for growers in all climate zones. As a result, we now operate in many countries, from Europe to the United States and from Canada to New Zealand.

Only the best premium materials

Service 3.0

The Van Dijk heating service department operates both within the Netherlands and abroad. Our team of specialist staff help installers and customers to install and maintain our equipment. Service 3.0 is our gold standard, ensuring absolute customer satisfaction wherever you are in the world.

Eco-friendly growing


Van Dijk heating has been supplying high-quality CO2 dosing units for use in horticulture under glass since 1980. A higher CO2 concentration in the greenhouse promotes crop growth [click here for a graph and explanation], and a vigorous crop produces higher yields for the grower. Because of this, it is impossible to imagine a modern greenhouse horticulture business without a system in which CO2 is dosed via the boiler or CHP unit.

More than 40 years of experience


Our Development department brings together scientific knowledge and customer-specific requirements to create tailor-made products and advice, from air dehumidification systems to flue gas condensers and from drainwater disinfectors to CO2 dosing units. This is the culmination of the specialist knowledge and experience we have acquired over the past 35 years. And yet at Van Dijk heating we never stop innovating and developing new products.