AVS-WTW stands for Active Ventilation System with Heat Recovery. Unlike in the standard AVS unit, this system draws off the greenhouse air with a fan. The incoming cold outdoor air is heated up in an air-based heat exchanger. If the temperature difference is great enough, not only the sensible but also the latent heat is used (condensation). In this version, the central heating block for the other AVS units is retained to enable air to be blown in at exactly the right temperature. The AVS-WTW therefore makes an even greater contribution to achieving a sustainable crop. This model is particularly suited to artificially lit crops. All these systems are wall units designed to be fitted on the outer walls of the greenhouse.

Various growers at home and abroad are already getting excellent results from the Active Ventilation System. 

Seasun positive about AVS with heat recovery:

‘Better climate control pays dividends: plant is always right’


  • Heat recovered from greenhouse air
  • High energy savings
  • Wall-mounted unit



Our Active Ventilation System with Heat Recovery has many benefits for greenhouse growers. Saving energy:

Saving energy:

  • Dehumidifies greenhouse air without an external heat supply and with heat recovery
  • Screen can be kept closed for longer
  • High COP value when used as a cooling system

Climate optimisation:

  • Effect of active ventilation of the greenhouse air
  • Minimal temperature differences during recirculation
  • Vertical flow of fresh air through the crop
  • Improved microclimate around the plant

Greater efficiency:

  • Effective use of low-threshold temperature systems
  • Energy savings through heat recovery
  • Better CO2 distribution
  • Higher CO2 concentration in the greenhouse
  • Reduces disease pressur

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