Flue gas condenser

If something has been selling well for more than 40 years, then you’re justified in calling it proven quality. That’s true of the Van Dijk heating flue gas condenser, which makes it possible to cool down flue gases to a temperature below the dew point and in turn utilising the condensation heat generated by the flue gases. This results in better efficiency from your burner and significant savings on your energy bill. The working life achieved by a condenser will depend largely on the materials used. Growers get a seven-year warranty against leaks on the water side.


  • Higher boiler efficiency
  • Long working life
  • Optimum use of condensation heat
  • All solutions tailor-made




Modular construction

Our flue gas condensers are available in a range of models: with or without a bypass channel and with a single or double (combi) water circuit. Because of the modular construction, we can produce a condenser for any type of business situation. Based on the information you provide, our specialists at Van Dijk heating produce a heating calculation, including a recommendation for the type of condenser and a forecast of the likely savings, with absolutely no obligation. Quality and service – guaranteed.

Interested in obtaining a tailor-made heating calculation and recommendation? Click here to make an appointment with one of our specialist advisors.

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