In-house expertise

Over the past few decades, Van Dijk heating has earned a reputation as a supplier of high-quality equipment for the greenhouse horticulture industry. For us, high quality means products built to last, outstanding reliability, good service and, of course, customer friendliness.

We safeguard this quality by having all the disciplines we need in house, from draughtsman to marketer. Our Development department brings together scientific knowledge and customer-specific requirements to create tailor-made products and advice. From air dehumidification to flue gas condensers and from drainwater disinfectors to CO2 dosing units, Van Dijk heating equipment is ideal for everyone from specialised niche growers to owners of large-scale, modern greenhouse businesses. We transform every customer’s wants and needs into an appropriate design and equipment that can be easily integrated into any system.

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High-quality materials

At Van Dijk heating, we make all our products in-house. Besides expert craftsmanship and direct involvement in the manufacturing process, we safeguard the quality of our extensive product range for the greenhouse horticulture industry by working exclusively with high quality materials. To aid this process, we recently installed a completely new ERP system. It goes without saying that our entire product range complies fully with all the relevant inspection requirements in the Netherlands and abroad. Van Dijk heating is ISO 9001 certified and has attained the HortiQ BRL 8001 quality system certificate for ‘Companies in the greenhouse construction sector’, the Dutch quality system for suppliers to the greenhouse horticulture industry. And as you will have come to expect from us, all of our equipment carries the CE quality mark, which means that it complies with all relevant European directives. We have also attained GOST-R certification, allowing us to import our products into Russia.

Service 3.0

We sell our products to the greenhouse horticulture industry via installation and greenhouse construction companies. Some products, like our retarders, are usually sold directly to boiler manufacturers. We have our own service department which helps installers and customers to install and maintain our equipment, both here in the Netherlands and abroad. All this makes us an innovative engineering and trade organisation that focuses on the horticulture industry in particular and industry in general, and where service 3.0 comes as standard.

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