Next Generation Growing is a permanent fixture in the international greenhouse horticulture industry of today. This new way of looking at the climate in the greenhouse tells us that controlling temperature, humidity, CO2, light and screening produces an energy-efficient crop with optimal yields. The Active Ventilation System (AVS) dehumidifies the air inside the greenhouse in an energy-efficient way. The AVS unit is fitted with a mixer valve that sucks in outdoor and/or indoor air and blows it into the greenhouse via a central heating block. The relatively dry outdoor air dehumidifies the greenhouse air and the mixture can be heated to the desired temperature by the central heating block. Because we focus constantly on innovation, these units are the most energy-efficient in the market.


  • Dehumidification without pipe rail heating and with screens closed
  • Energy-saving
  • Less disease pressure
  • Improved microclimate
  • Wall-mounted unit

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On average, an AVS can remove 10 g/h/m2 of moisture per m3/m2 of ventilation air, based on a greenhouse temperature of 20°C with a RH of 90% and average outdoor conditions. This rises to around 12 g of moisture /h/m2 at a greenhouse temperature of 22°C and 90% RH.

These values can be read in a Mollier or h-x diagram.
[afbeelding van Mollier-diagram toevoegen, of link naar grafiek met toelichting]

Various growers at home and abroad are already getting excellent results from the Active Ventilation System. Below are links to some articles from well-known trade journals:

Gerbera growers Johan and Jaré Reijm from Nieuwerkerk (NL):
“As many if not more gerberas with less energy input”

Ravensdale Nurseries (Ireland):
“Active ventilation system cuts heating bill and improves yield”

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Figures and feedback

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