CO2 dosing units

Light and CO2 are essential for optimum photosynthesis and crop growth in the greenhouse. CO2 is a hot topic in the horticultural industry at the moment, with our understanding of plants’ photosynthetic response increasing and with supplies of CO2 likely to diminish in future. We know that every crop has an optimum concentration of CO2 and its own tipping point in terms of CO2 uptake. It is therefore essential for a modern greenhouse grower to be able to precisely dose CO2 from the boiler or CHP unit, both in terms of yields and costs. Using Van Dijk heating CO2 dosing units improves growth and prevents excessively high costs. And that’s been the case since 1980.

Now that growers are no longer allowed to bring in air from the boiler house for CO2 dosing because of the risk of contamination, many systems need to be adapted to draw in air directly from outside. Depending on the intake and valve position, that can result in many inconvenient detours in the pipework. To give growers and heating engineers more choice in the layout of their adapted existing units or new dosing systems, Van Dijk heating has increased the number of possible valve positions on its larger CO2 dosing units from two to three. Read more.


  • Plastic fan housing
  • Higher CO2 levels boost growth
  • Integrates optimally into the boiler house in combination with a flue gas condenser
  • Extra choice of valve position in CO2 dosing unit shortens intake route for outdoor air
  • All units ISSO 86 compliant



Balanced dosing system

Naturally, you will expect any high-quality dosing unit to also include a sophisticated and balanced CO2 dosing system. We have the knowledge, experience and software necessary to produce a calculation and design for virtually every dosing system imaginable for nurseries and boiler houses. The right design is vital to ensure that the most efficient system possible is achieved.

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