Ton van Dijk Commercial Director Van Dijk heating

From January 1, 2024, Ton van Dijk will be part of Van Dijk heating management team as Commercial Director. This will put him on an equal standing with Managing Director Freek van Rijn and Technical Director Joek van der Zeeuw.

Hans Harting’s retirement in early 2023 provided an opportunity to reallocate the management duties. Freek van Rijn assumed the role of Managing Director, whilst Joek van der Zeeuw focused on technology and commercial interests. Ton van Dijk had already been recruited in 2022 to strengthen the commercial team and to further develop to become ultimately responsible for Sales & Marketing. This is being endorsed on January 1 when he joins the management team as third member.

Ton (no relation to company founder and former director Piet van Dijk) had acquired plenty of knowledge and experience in sales, energy management and cultivation technology in previous commercial-technical positions. This enabled him to immediately make a valuable contribution to client consultancy and strengthening product and brand awareness within the global high-tech horticulture industry. He also assists with the development of new solutions to enable growers to optimize their greenhouse climate and energy management. In this context, Ton is joining forces with Joek van der Zeeuw and taking over some of the consultancy for new projects from him. As a result, Joek can devote more attention to R&D but remains available for technical client support.

Now that Ton van Dijk is formally joining the management team as Commercial Director, the new organization is on the right track and Van Dijk heating can continue to push boundaries in high-quality technical innovations and solutions in the years ahead. “After all, high-tech horticulture is facing huge challenges in terms of energy saving and energy transition, water consumption and environmental management.

For decades, Van Dijk heating has been a leader in essential boiler house accessories such as mixing valves, flue gas condensers and CO2 units. The Ecoster heaters for water disinfection are also well known. The strongest growth is currently in the demand for AVS air handling systems of which different versions are available and continually being developed.

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