Seasun positive about AVS with heat recovery:

“Better climate control pays dividends: plant is always right”

In 2017 the Dutch tomato nursery Seasun installed a new dehumidification system across 4.4 hectares of their lit tomato crop. The Active Ventilation System with heat recovery operates with drawn-in outdoor air which is prewarmed with outgoing greenhouse air. If required, the temperature can be raised even further with a central heating element. With two fans and four valves, the system offers various options for air circulation and mixing indoor and outdoor air.

The Seasun Tomato Nursery has equipped a large section of its greenhouse with an innovative air handling system with heat recovery. Featuring a central heating element for reheating, this system facilitates the application of Next Generation Growing principles and enables the nursery to achieve a better, more homogeneous greenhouse climate. In addition to energy savings, they are anticipating a positive impact on yields and fruit quality. Following an initial acclimatisation year, the section is this year being compared with an adjacent reference section.

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