Replacing CO2 hoses? Keep an eye out for the right puncture distance!

Crop rotation is the standard time to replace CO2 hoses. Before ordering new hoses, it’s good to check again to see which one you need. The right dosing and distribution of CO2 requires a good balance between the hose properties and the CO2 distribution system.

Puncture distance is decisive

It may seem an insignificant detail, but the puncture distance of CO2 hoses is highly specific for the dosing capacity and the homogeneity in the delivery of CO2. The hoses should remain sufficiently pressurized during dosing to emit equal amounts of CO2 both at the beginning and the end of the hose. For this, the perforation of the hoses must be well suited to the CO2 distribution system that regulates the CO2 supply.

This requires careful attention

Growers who are not sure if they have it right or wrong should consult the installer of their CO2 sets. Van Dijk Heating customers can contact us directly. We have a lot of historical information available and can usually quickly find an answer to the question of which dosing hose best suits your CO2 distribution system and company.


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