Introducing ... Ton van Dijk, sales manager

Ton van Dijk has been working as sales manager alongside Joek van der Zeeuw since 1 November. He can get right down to business, as the growing focus on energy and water management has seen a big rise in demand for our efficiency solutions.

Ton started his career in his family’s business in the late 1990s. Together with his father, uncle and brother, he grew 18 hectares of sweet peppers. “One of my tasks was energy management,” he says. After the company was sold in 2012, Ton joined Agro Energy, where he worked as an energy specialist for three years. “I spent the last five years in a commercial role at”, he continues. “I learned a lot during that time, because is at the forefront of Next Generation Growing and Plant Empowerment. Climate technology and growing methods have made huge strides forward in that time.”

In mid-2022 Ton heard that his new employer – he is not related to founder Piet van Dijk, by the way – was looking for an extra hand with a background in horticulture and technology. “We got in touch and the ball started rolling”, he says. “The company’s activities are a perfect match for my area of interest and expertise. Also, there is a lot of technical innovation going on, and quality, knowledge and competence are still top priorities. All these aspects pretty much come together in the AVS. This makes the company a true forerunner in efficient climate technology.”

Van Dijk also points to innovations such as the SOREM sodium removal unit, the further refinement of the ECOSTER drain water disinfectors and its leadership in “essential boiler house accessories” such as mixing valves, flue gas condensers and CO2 units. “In other words, there is a lot of innovation under way, and that is essential”, Van Dijk notes. “After all, high-tech horticulture is facing huge challenges in terms of energy, water consumption and environmental management. I am very excited to be able to do my bit on the commercial side.”

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