Finger on the pulse, foot on the gas

For the second year in a row, we can't ignore the Corona virus. In some ways, people are even getting used to it. Working from home is no longer strange, social restrictions are a recurring fact of life, and many have already experience a quarantine. We shouldn’t underestimate the virus, however; we have to keep our finger on the pulse.

Rising prices and longer delivery times

Apart from the medical and social aspects, the Corona virus is making deep marks in the global economy. Lockdowns and temporary suspension of production have resulted in higher prices for resources and materials, rising costs for container transport and longer delivery times. This meant that we had to raise our prices, too. The biggest problem we face now is the scarcity and delivery time of electronics needed for our fans. It makes it hard to plan projects and sometimes the parties involved have to agree to postpone them. We’re afraid this is how it will be for the foreseeable future.

Upward trend

Despite the challenging circumstances, we look back on a successful year with an upward trend. That shows confidence, and we are doing our utmost to live up to that. We’re working hard on developing new products and features, in the areas of water technology and AVS, among others. One of our points of focus is the monitoring and operating of our equipment via the internet. In that respect we’re going full speed ahead in order to be able to present them at Greentech 2022.

In 2020 and 2021, we took steps to ensure the continuity of our business. That will soon be continued when we hire new talent in the Sales and R&D departments.

Make it a good one

We start the new year with a full book of orders and a lot of enthusiasm to make it a good one again for you and for us. We thank you for your great cooperation and confidence, and we wish you much health and success in 2022.

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