Harvesting and storing heat during the day, and using it at night

Gas prices make extending AVS-C with heat pump attractive

All over the world, the Active Ventilation Systems of Van Dijk heating provide good, energy-efficient climate control in greenhouses. Different models have been developed for a variety of climate zones and purposes. The AVS-C system with central heating block and cooling block can easily be connected to a central heat pump. As a result, the latent heat from greenhouse air which is harvested during the day via the cooling blocks can be efficiently upgraded to 50-55 °C. After a brief period of storage in a heat buffer, the hot water can be used at night to keep the greenhouse at the right temperature. That saves a lot of fuel and many operating hours for the boiler or CHP.

“Now that energy prices are going through the roof, the number of requests for this option is increasing,” says director Freek van Rijn when asked about this. “With this simple addition to our AVS concept, you can very efficiently harvest and use the surplus heat that is present in greenhouses for a large part of the year. The research institutions Delphy and Wageningen University & Research have been applying it in their greenhouses for some time. Growers also see it as an inexpensive option for making savings on gas and costs.”

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