Ecoster E water disinfector in keeping with trend of electrification and zero emissions

Gas too expensive? Opt for electric water disinfection!

Interest in water disinfection with the electric Ecoster E is growing. This is in keeping with the trend of increased sustainability and electrification. “Horticultural companies in several countries are looking for an alternative to fossil fuels. The strong rise in oil and gas prices has accelerated the transition,” says Joek van der Zeeuw of Van Dijk heating.

The demand for Ecoster water disinfectors has been going up for some time. Recent research by Wageningen University & Research and Groen Agro Control has confirmed once again that heating is a very effective way of disinfecting water thoroughly. Microorganisms and viruses, including ToBRFV, have no resistance against water treatment with an Ecoster.

Van Dijk heating supplies Ecoster units with gas burners (the basic model), Ecoster K units that are connected to the existing central heating system of the boiler, CHP or high-quality heat buffer, and Ecoster E units with electric heating elements. “The Ecoster E is now more popular than it ever has been,” Van der Zeeuw continues. “We even get requests to convert relatively new disinfectors with gas burners into electric systems. And we can do that. In terms of disinfection capacity and result, it doesn’t matter how you heat the water in principle, as long as you stick to the recommended temperature and duration of treatment.”

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