A retarder from Van Dijk heating is an essential addition to any boiler to improve heat transfer. These eddy-current strips are fitted into the pipes to improve heat transfer between the medium – whether it’s gaseous or liquid – and the pipe wall. Retarders can also be used as a static mixer to combine liquids and/or gases in a pipe. They are usually made from metal, but the choice of material depends on the use. Fitting retarders increases the turbulence of the flue gases and improves the heat transfer between the flue gases and the tube wall. This increases the efficiency of the boiler by 2-3%.


  • Higher boiler efficiency
  • Custom heating calculation
  • Available in various designs and dimensions


Based on the information you provide, it's possible to produce a heating calculation and a design for the retarder with absolutely no obligation. The product is not only available in different materials but also in different versions and sizes. Quality and service – naturally.

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