Choose the retarder supplied by Van Dijk heating for improved heat transfer in every boiler.

Retarders are eddy-current strips that are fitted in the tubes in order to achieve improved heat transfer between the medium and the tube wall. The medium may be gaseous or liquid. A retarder can also be used as a so-called static mixer to combine liquids and/or gases in a tube.

Higher efficiency

Retarders are often made from metal. However, the material chosen will depend on the specific use envisaged. For example, if retarders will be used to mix liquids, they can be made from plastic.
Retarders are often fitted in fire tubes for steam and/or heating boilers. We use retarders in our own HRWB boilers too. By fitting retarders, the turbulence of the flue gases increases and better heat transfer is achieved between flue gases and the tube wall. This increases the efficiency of the boiler.

Increased output

Van Dijk heating supplies large numbers of retarders to the producers of boilers in the Netherlands and abroad. Retarders can also be used to improve the output of existing boilers. Retarders are available in different types of material, models and dimensions.

In existing boiler systems, an output improvement of 2 to 3% is very easy to achieve. If you provide us with the information required, we will be pleased to produce a no-obligation heating calculation for you and a corresponding retarder design.

  • Energy saving
  • A wide range of different materials and models, making it possible to offer a solution for every situation

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