Electric drainwater disinfector, 400 l/h capacity

Date: 2014-06-23, Category: News

Electric drainwater disinfector, 400 l/h capacity
For smaller greenhouses van Dijk heating B.V. developped an electric heated drainwater disinfector.
The disinfector has the following specifications:

100% elimination of fungus, bacterea and virusses
Disinfection at 85 °C during 3 minutes
Capacity 400 l/h (+/- 10%)
Electric power of the heating element 3000W
High reliability
Very compact design (euro pallet dimensions)
Fully built of plastic and stainless steel
PLC controlled
Easy to install
Standard equipped with an acid dosing system with pH controller
Optional caustic controller available
For export several voltages and frequencies available

Capacity is sufficient for smaller greenhouses up to approx.  3000 m2.
Assuming a drain water percentage of 30% and a water gift of maximum 10 liter per m2 per day.

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