The new, improved Active Ventilation System

Date: 2012-11-12, Category: News

The new, improved Active Ventilation System

Bunnik- Van Dijk heating will display the two latest advances in the Active Ventilation System (AVS) at the Horti Fair international horticultural fair. First, the new AVS WTW facade unit is equipped with a heat exchanger to save even more energy. Second, the casing is made entirely of plastic to ensure a long lifespan.

 Modern horticulture businesses are investing greater efforts to achieve sustainability and energy savings, so the growers pay more attention to the improvement of the greenhouse climate. As a contribution to this issue, the AVS system has been developed to actively ventilate the greenhouse air with comparatively dry outside air. Because the outdoor air contains less moisture than that inside the greenhouse, the greenhouse is effectively dehumidified by blowing in outdoor air.

AVS facade unit
The plastic casing of the AVS facade unit is produced from 16-mm-thick, industrial quality polypropylene plastic. This material has both excellent thermal properties and acoustic insulating properties. Lowering the noise level for people living nearby and the employees in the greenhouse is important when the unit is mounted on the facade. The plastic material is UV resistant, very easy to shape and can withstand temperatures ranging from -30 to +100°C.

AVS WTW units
For even more sustainable use, the AVS facade unit is available with a heat recovery function. In this AVS WTW unit, the CV element has been replaced with a heat exchanger. It heats up the incoming (cold) outdoor air with the (warm) air leaving the greenhouse.
A valve register makes it possible to opt for a number of different modes: ventilation with heat recovery, ventilation without heat recovery, ventilation with heat recovery and recirculation,
or just recirculation.

A standard AVS facade unit with plastic casing and a AVS WTW unit will be exhibited at our stand no. 11.0615. Both of these models have a capacity of 5000 m3/h.


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