Active Ventilation System installed. Project Marais (France)

Active Ventilation System installed. Project Marais (France)

2014-01-09 11:38:09

Recenty van Dijk Heating B.V. delivered another Active Ventilation System at a grower in France.
The new, improved Active Ventilation System

The new, improved Active Ventilation System

2012-11-12 15:27:08

Bunnik- Van Dijk heating will display the two latest advances in the Active Ventilation System (AVS) at the Horti Fair international horticultural fair. First, the new AVS WTW facade unit is equipped with a heat exchanger to save even more energy. Second, the casing is made entirely of plastic to ensure a long lifespan.

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Flue Gas Condensers

The Van Dijk heating flue gas condensor is one of our first products.
Since 1976 this flue gas condensor has proven itself in practice with its long lifespan and the great energy savings it produces.

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CO2 dosing units

Our CO2-dosing units are available in many formats.
With our computer programmes and years of experience, we can calculate any conceivable dosage system. Our CO2-systems meet the ISSO 86 norm.

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Active Ventilation System - AVS

Conditioned cultivation is an increasingly important element of the modern greenhouse horticultural industry.
In response, Van Dijk heating developed the AVS unit, which is available in various formats and can be adjusted to meet your particular needs, as desired.

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